Hello World

Hey hey hey! I’ve started this blog just today and hopefully you will like things I want to share with you, guys. Soon I will buy this domain name, so it will be much easier to access this blog from your devices. Plus I will try to keep it iPad (and iPhone)-friendly because it is such a pain in the ass sometimes.

In this blog I would love to share things I find interesting and attractive, maybe some usefull things as well. First of all, I really like bikes and longboards (I use it both as a fast city transportation and as a fun activity), so you might see some bike stories and pictures here. I also really like reading, so I will share some of my latest book picks and thoughts.

Besides that… I work as a freelancer online, writing articles for Russian websites, so if I ran into some cool wild things online I promise to share. My email is: tantsurin@gmail.com, you are always weclome to drop me a line and ask any question. The most fun and weird way to contact me is Omegle.com (website that allows you to talk to strangers online); just type it in your browser and don’t forget to put word “secondthirdwheel” in your Interest box there on the main page.

So, tomorrow I will start posting something. You are always welcome to leave your comments and thoughs on the blog as well.



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