Awesome NYC movie maker Casey Neistat

Buy the ticket and take ride

Once again, hello! Today I wanted to share with you some videos made by my favorite movie maker of all time… Casey Neistat. First video I watched was a commercial “Make it Count” for Nike, and as soon as I realized that he spent the whole movie budget on travelling the world and finding new adventures I understood that he is just awesome. Here is the video I was talking about:

Soon after I subscribed to his YouTube channel and Facebook page, and for the next few months I was watching his videos over and over again. Casey is not only funny, but also motivational and informative. It is funny… but from now on every time I travel somewhere else I try to have as many experiences as I can so someday later it will be a story to tell. Thank you for that, Casey!

And some other…videos I really like:




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