Surfing in Tel Aviv

I never tried surfing before. Like…I’ve been thinking about doing it since my early childhood but I never had a chance to get a surfboard or find a right beach. Today I went to Tel Aviv to have some fun and make pictures for one article for Russian website. I was walking around for about an hour or so, when suddenly I saw that sign right above my head, saying: Surfclub Israel. Rent. Lessons. Of course, that very moment I thought that my level is somewhere around here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGrjMpI7nPg

I haven’t spent a second thinking about it, instead I broke inside asking everybody about the price. Few minutes later I was already changing my bathing suit. It took me 3 minutes to understand that  my actual level is much lower than I expected, besides…it was hard to catch the wave! Not kidding, I watched so many videos and movies about surfing but in real life it was much harder. Still…I spent 2 hours in the water, almost lost my bathing suit one or two times and drank liters of water and had incredible amount of fun!
Even though I never succeeded and caught only 1 or 2 waves on my belly, I really enjoyed it! No doubts i would love to do it again, but right now I can barely walk because of the blisters on my legs. My face and back are burned, my muscles hurt, but it totally worth it. Surfing is amazing! Some of the pictures below:

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