Biking in Tel Aviv

I felt in love with Tel Aviv from the very first sight! And most of all I liked bikes all around the city – they are just everywhere! In Moscow you won’t see that: it’s not only huge but also really inconvenient for biking, plus I can bet 10$ that your bike will get stolen really really fast if you just lock it outside near the matro station or store. And even though the major is trying to make it look like a bicycle city, in reality… it is not.

Tel Aviv is completely different story. Situated on the seashore, it is warm and sunny throughout the year, which makes TA a perfect place to use bike. Roads are rather narrow so during the rush hour you would stuck in the traffic for a long time unless…you are on the bike. Parking in TA is pain in the ass too, and in the downtown it gets pretty expensive. So if you don’t feel like using public transportation and spending hours in the traffic jams, join bike community!

Actually there is no need to buy your own bike. Few years ago TA municipality started Tel-Ofan project, that allows you to rent the bike wherever you want and return it to any other station in the city. Prices are very reasonable. Of course, nothing can be compared with having your own bicycle which gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want without spending a dime. PRices on new bikes could be a bit too high (especially in the center), so if you want a good used bike for a reasonable price – go to Old Jaffa, near the Flea Market you will find lots of bike stores. Some offer city bikes, some only vintage racing bicycles…there are millions of options to choose from.

Fixspeed (one speed) bikes are getting more popular among young people here too, so prices could be a bit too high; don’t be shy and bargain, that way you will get a great bike and have some fun from purshasing it.

See you on the road!


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