Sacrificing now for the future

Backpacking is awesome. It really is. Not only hiking and traveling, but living your life with only few things you need. Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled that much in my life, but, every time I stayed somewhere, I knew that someday I will leave. Knowing that you don’t want to buy to much things, you give away your comfort for freedom and future. If there is a possibility of going somewhere ahead, you try not to stick to anything and to be ready to sacrifice something if you cannot put it in your backpack anymore.

And it is the same thing with your life: we all are strangers here, we came here for some time and now we desperately try to do something, try to make it count. Once you understand it, it makes sense. None of us is Almighty, none of us can do and try everything. So, instead of whining and complaining about problems… try to give up someting you have now and fill this gap with things, people and emotions you like.
Someday we all will come to the point of being totally fulfilled with different experiences and emotions. And after that you will have to carry it for the rest of your life. So instead of becoming grumpy, selfish and inflexible in the future, try to work on yourself now by living not only for yourself but for the people you love and care about. The only rule you have to remember: you can’t have it all, so having something goes hand in hand with sacrificing.ย 

5 thoughts on “Sacrificing now for the future

  1. I have done alot of backpacking, from around the age of 15, I have travelled all over Europe for years, getting jobs in places such as Holland and Switzerland, I learned a couple of languages an made a bit of cash as well.

    Think if I was to do it now I would certainly leave the smart phone and social networking sites at home, it wouldn’t be the same (I don’t even own a smart phone anyway). Yeah I always get itchy feet, I am planning to go to Goa in January, but it wont be the same with the girlfriend, as she likes a bit of luxury, I prefer, to rough it with a few bucks in my back pocket, the world always seems to provide.

  2. Yeah its going to be great, I have been to Asia (Thailand) but India is a whole different ball game. They are both Spiritual, though Thailand is a little more seedy, its got the good and the bad, where as India is just totally spiritual. I would say I am gong to find myself but I did that years ago. I am going to appreciate what I have more than I have done lately. :O)

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