Look around

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t try to look around when they look for something. Sad but true. Tourists pay money to experience new emotions, but they spend their time making pictures. Rich people donate money to charity, but they don’t see poor people right next door.

I can bet 10$ that everything you’re looking for is just one step away from where you’re standing. Of course, not literally. But if you think, you’ll realize that there is no need to start a Great Search before you carefully looked at the most common places.

You can argue, that we are dreamers and even use F. Rabelais’s verse: “Don’t know who’s walking under the window, but see the stars in the sky”. Well, still…if you want a fast result, try to shut Dreamer-inside-you up for a second.

There is a reason why I write this. Just today I saw a couple goy kicked off the train because they didn’t have tickets. It happens, nothing serious. Next 5 minutes I was watching then counting money to buy a ticket. Before doing so this young lady decided to “clean” the screen of the ticket machine where I had put a new ticket just few minutes ago. Believe me or not, they bought 2 tickets and took the next train to the Center. My ticket was still on the screen. “free ride to the stranger”, I wrote on it with black pen. My random act of kindness remained unnoticed.


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