I am facinated by the sea. Every salty drop, every wave and splash – it all excites me. Cool evening breeze and winter storms – what could be better than that seaweed smell in your nostrils?

The sea is different every day, it can be calm, but you feel the unlimited power in every wave that breaks on your chest. The idea I get especially excited about is that no one knows what’s under tha water. Scientists explored a lesser part of it, so there is still a room for dreamers to guess what’s going on down there.

Recently I’ve finished reading one of the greates book of my entire life –  “The sea, the sea” by Iris Murdoch. Honestly, I am deeply impressed not by of the plot itself, but mostly by incredible description of the sea. We can only wonder what does every single wave bring ashore. No matter what happens with us…

Impartial noon patterns the sea in flame —
That sea forever starting and re-starting. (Paul Valery)


The sea, the sea


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