Journey to Colombia

As I once said before, I get facinated by random and accidental actions. Like planning a trip in one day or doing some crazy stuff right before the exam or anything crazy you can possibly think of.  Well, last Thursday me and my mom decided that it will be cool for me to learn some Spanish… maybe in Colombia? “Yeah, why not?”, said I. So here I am in Moscow, waiting for my flight to Havana, Cuba.

I’ve spent last two months in Israel and I absolutely forgot this Russian custom to put signs everywhere: as soon as I got inside the terminal I was greeted by completely security- and custom-free green channel and lonely hand-written sign “Don’t put our bags on the table. We don’t give any info. Follow the…”. Last word was completely ripped off. No need to ask, just follow, Besides that, layover in Moscow is going great: I don’t have any rubles, so I don’t have temptation to buy coffee or whatsoever.

I had a night flight from Tel Aviv, and the sky up above was so clear that you can see any constellation. Full moon encrusted cloud silhouettes on the sea surface, it looked like the sea had huge birthmarks all over. Unfortunately, TV’s in the cabin attracted more attention than landscape that dropped down right outside the window.

My next stop is Havana. I have to spend 22 hours there, but, even though I don’t need visa, I am not sure I can leave the airport. They say it’s easy to get around in Spanish-speaking countries, but my experience in Spanish is just few months of classes in 8th grade. We will see. We are ready to face whatever life brings us. Well, except for drug cartels and dirty bathrooms.

DSC_3561 DSC_3567 DSC_3576


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