Monserrate trip

So, here I am. In Bogota. Colombia. When I first told my friend from US about my final destination, he was very surprised and (I guess) scared. He also suggested that I was following a beautiful girl for there is nothing else to do here, in Colombia. At some point, it is true: I was told so much about crime and violence here, that every time you go somewhere… you feel unsecure and preyed. Even though I’ve never seen a single person robbed at the street, there were too many extreme talks with other travellers about it. For some unknown reason, I always considered myself as a risk-taker, but, guys, I better not take risk right now, and just lay on the hammock and read.

Yesterday, though, we took a trip to Monserrate, a mountain on the north of Bogota. It rises up to 3150 metres and overlooks the city of Bogota. There are two ways to get to the summit (summit itself is filled with stores, restaurants and cheap coffee places). You can either walk up the stairs (it takes about an hour to get up), or take the Teleférico, a cable car that brings you to the summit in 2-3 minutes. On weekdays in costs about 17000 colombian pesos (7-8 USD), but Sunday is only 9200 pesos (about 4-5 USD) for a round trip. Every car was packed with people (maybe about 20-25 inside), and made these scary creak noises. It took me a second to realize that I wasn’t the only one who thought of possibe emergency and ways to escape.

Fortunately, we got up the mountain without any problems. And the view from up there was absolutely spectacular and breathtaking. But actually, it is the altutude that made me think that view was breathtaking. Yes, you can see the whole city of Bogota and mountains around, but from up there it looks tiny and unrealistic. Walking on the Monserrate I realized that higher is not better: I’ve been on the 103th floor in Chicago, but, standing on the very top of the tower, I couldn’t even see people on the ground. At the same time the view from the tallest tower in Tel Aviv (49th floor) was gorgeous and unbelievable; I really felt like standing on the very top of the world.

The weather changes rapidly up there: sun and rain take turns, and you have no other choice but keep an eye on the sky. When the sky shows up at the sky, water eveporates and forms clouds. Honestly, it must be seen. Besides that it is a great tourist spot with an amazing view. Local legend sais that dating couples cannot visit Monserrate together for it will take their love away. Nobody really cares now so every now and then you see a happy (and soon-be-broken) couple.

Going up the Monserrate is a great adventure and experience. After you come back to the lowest point you really start value the amount of oxigen in the air. Some pictures of Monserrate below: DSC_3678 DSC_3689 DSC_3721 DSC_3734 DSC_3729 DSC_3715


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