“to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”

I had to write something today. At the beginning, I thought about typical “happy September” post with few cool autumn pictures attached. But something was bothering me. One single thought had stuck in my head and didn’t let me move any further. And now, after few hours of thinking about it, I finally want to share it with you.
I’ve been traveling for the past 3 months, visiting Israel, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Thailand (good list, huh?) and, honestly, I enjoyed talking to backpackers more than meeting the locals. The thing is that every one of them is totally unique with his own life story and philosophy. I have spent hours talking to them about their life and their personal experiences they had had while traveling. And there was only one thing they had in common; only one idea we all  shared: never stop, never settle down, never stop exploring. It is your life and only you can make it count. Life is not easy. It is not easy to give away all you have and hit a road. But the payback is still much greater: you are not only living your life, you’re living it the way you want it.

We all know the story of Odysseus and Nausicaa, and his decision to come back to his family and home. I like to think that myth doesn’t tell the whole story. I like to think that after coming home he realized that something went terribly wrong. I like to think that he escaped a life he had been given. Because the only mistake a human being can make is make nothing at all.

And I challenge you, guys, to live a good life.

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