Line of Sight. A Bike Messenger Story

I ride my bike every day. It was fun to be in the traffic for the first time, but then it started to annoy me. Traffic is every major city’s pain in the ass. Here, in Bangkok the streets are always full of crazy (but friendly) taxi drivers, scooters and tuk-tuks, so you have to really pay attention to where you go. Of course, it’s like that everywhere and, I am sure, you know how it feels to be almost squeezed or – it’s even worse – cut on the road.

Few days ago I was coming back home and almost broke a mirror of a cute pink girl car (double parked on the main street, nobody inside), making my way through the massive jam. Yesterday I came across this documentary about New York messengers. Surprisingly for me, none of them ever paid any attention to the mess and confusion they make on the street. They hit one or two pedestrians, too. I mean… it’s a good movie for independent (and YET unknown) director, but don’t you think cyclist should care about traffic a little bit more? The movie link below:


3 thoughts on “Line of Sight. A Bike Messenger Story

  1. Omg. I watched the video and a few times I had to hold my breath. It was exciting, fun, amazing, liberating, but, very dangerous. Be careful when you are riding your bike. Those moves I’ve only seen in New York city. Have fun but be safe:)

    • Exactly! These guys are crazy. I mean, it’s fun riding fast and – somewhat – reckless, but it’d be way too much for me. No need to worry, I am pretty careful on the road. Or at least I hope so!

      • I am so glad because I was hoping you were not any of those crazy and adventours people in those breathtaking bike moves. Yes, enjoy riding your bike, but be careful:)

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