world-weary, by Odysseus Yong

Though years of separation stand between,
You and I, dear, are not hopeless.
We are not a little broken, no, only a little,
resigned — and too far away.

Distance is factor, you reckon,
One that most certainly will
Render our passions impotent:
Scarlet sails furled in closet,
Curfew imposed on our selves.

We are, dear —
just slaves to schoolboys’ maps.
Silk Way’s withered with tracks of your tears.



lovers at large, by Odysseus Yong


how would you know
that planet earth, the home,
is beautiful not for its life
but for your living on it?

what came after the flood,
how life rolled before it,
is as unimportant as the sound of
our future lawnmower’s blade.

your eyelashes call tornadoes,
the tears overflow the penitence,
your tight embraces are gravity per se
what say you to our flying together —

over the roofs; and flat hats, we
with eyes bleak as moon’s shades,
will utter remarks claiming to be
what we are utterly not.


Internet, Life

it’s me doing

If you can’t resist the temptation to pat a dog on the street or cuddle a cat every time you see one, you just can’t miss the itsmedoing blog, where your favorite pets do exactly what you want them to do: they literally undertake your daily routine, thus making lives of their owners a bit brighter. After all, what could be cuter than an iguana on a kick-scooter? I reckon, only a tiger that hates being confined within his lonely cage.

And yes, if you find your pug imitating your gait or your cat cursing as it falls from the second floor, don’t hesitate to submit pictures and stories. Let’s make this world purrfect!


this one says: it’s me getting ready for the party



and this one is: it’s me trying to reach an equilibrium



finally: it’s me before the finals week (and hey, finals are not that far away!)


Isn’t it amazing to see that animals do exact same things that we come across every single day of our lives? And how amazing, I bet, it is for them to see that humans, after all, haven’t gone that far ahead. Or have we?


Coffee and Book

“Deprive a man of his life-lie and you rob him of his happiness”. (‘Wild Duck’ by Henrik Ibsen, 1828 — 1906)

Another cup of coffee in Bangkok. The truth is, I hate the pictures I take on a daily basis, and therefore I do not consider them worthy in any way. They were to become a documentation only… a lousy one too.

So yeah, I was born to become the worst photographer.

coffee diary

Coffee diary. Day 2


Socio-political social networking. Ukraine.

Having lived in Russia, I simply can’t ignore Ukraine and the whole scandal revolving around it. Keeping away from the political discussion and predictions, I’d love to squeeze a few words in many that have been said before. Not about Kiev, not about Russians in Ukraine, I’d even leave an (ex-)president aside. All I care about is how media turned people against each other… Just in a couple of days.

There two kinds of people in the world (or at least there were): people who prefer the harsh truth (imagine a wistful of nuts), and people who take everything for granted — banana-mango smoothie. So far so good; nuts are nuts everywhere and smoothies… Hmm, they are smoothies, nothing more, nothing less. In the past years, however, the media has changed the world so much that one of the kinds — the first one — simply vanished and a new one was formed. The new kind of people could be called a new-age-old-tv-watcher, or simply a muesli yogurt. You chew it all right, occasionally crunching a nut or biting a raisin, but it is still a yogurt, one step away from a smoothie.

The main problem that in the past years this new kind of people have not only prevailed the post-Soviet Russia but dominated the minds of the younger generation, partly encouraging them to think and explore, yet pitting a stop sign right where periphery of the accepted and common began. At the moment there are numerous youngsters who can easily tell black from white, and at the same time fail to define the essential idea behind the b&w scheme. That’s what happened with Ukraine, when with a little help of the media people decided to challenge their critical thinking and take up the new hobby — political analysis.

Don’t mind the education, just tweet, criticize and make your statement clear. I am not sure, though, if the media should be blamed or accused of something more than its regular hassle we all got used to; but the truth is: media has become an incentive this time. And the funny thing happened: the skirmish has started and stayed primarily in Russia, rarely crossing the border, hence every detail about the Ukraine or Russia or the United States ever to appear in the news made numerous appearances on the Web later; more or less exaggerated, yet never undermined.

That skirmish, unfortunately, has become epidemic, but the enemy was still unclear. Thus people turned against each other. Having had their routine Internet life for years, they suddenly got exposed to the revolutionary air of burned tires, and that was quite a shock. What is more, various social networks slowly turned into battlefields, where everybody could have his minute — or rather a second — of glory.

On one hand we have a brand new Ukraine with a different mindset and goals, on the other we do, and I repeat WE DO have a bunch of idiots that are neither succeeding in criticizing (failing, to be frank) the new beginning nor in understanding the motives they have to do so. Sigh.

As for me, I am indifferent. Everybody (every country as well!) should have a right to identify themselves. I would chose to be a stone, a shiny pebble on the beach. Thus I could have avoided quarrels with my raged friends, taken their agression for mere ignorance and kept myself more or less tranquil.

Sadly, being a pebble is a great luck and a forbidden fruit nowadays. It gives you no ultimate knowledge, yet elevates you a few feet above the everlasting Ukraine-oriented discussions and gives you the supernatural hence supreme power — keeping silent as everybody else speaks out loud.


The very beginning of the coffee diary

Despite having faces&words, which has been a burden since my attitude towards people changed, I decided to share my coffee diary pictures for a while. Not that I have a particular reason or goal, but that’s what I love the most at the moment: coffee, books and stumbling through WordPress blogs. Combine all — that’s how I got my coffee diary idea.

9th of March
McDonald’s latte, and Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr.

coffee diary

The very beginning of the coffee diary


Getting tracked… and lovin’ it!

I’ve been thinking about sharing my experiences of using DuckDuckGo.com for a while, but now I finally have time, as well as desire to post something new on this almost-forgotten blog. Well, in a nutshell, DuckDuckGo is a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but, unlike Google and Yahoo, it does not track your activities, preferences or previous actions — which means that your girlfriend will never find out when was the last time you watched porn. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? It did for me too, although things are not as smooth as they seem at first glance.

The main problem I faced was language support, foreign language searches to be precise. Yes, DuckDuckGo works perfectly with English, so all of the .com domains are fine, but once you try to search something in Russian or, say, Thai… it slips and shyly suggests Google at the bottom of the page. I hope it’s a matter of time, for more and more foreign websites appear every day, but, having used DDG for a week, I had to switch back to Google.

Even though I was always suspicious (not to say odious) of Google and big corporations tracking my online activity to use it afterwards, I never though I am actually grateful for what they do. Not only they track your activity online, they make it handy to use FOR ME! Yes, I love that my favorite blogs and websites appear on the first place, and I like how Google suggests my next search or just does a quick spell-check for me! DuckDuckGo does it too, but the quick commands (whole list can be found on the official website) make it much harder.

I have to admit that DuckDuckGo team did a good job! I like the idea, I like the design, and I can even learn some commands I use regularly. But before I give it another try I want to wait for some time, so I wouldn’t have to spend most of my time online scrolling the page in order to find a website I like. And again, DuckDuckGo is strictly for English part of the Web.

So, that’s my experience. Let’s call it my week off,  a one week vacation or rather a short attempt to escape the all-seeing eye of Google. But now I’ve changed my mind. I love you Google like lover and his sweetheart love each other after a few years of being married: not so much, but, having started a lease together, they are too effing scared to break up.

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