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If you can’t resist the temptation to pat a dog on the street or cuddle a cat every time you see one, you just can’t miss the itsmedoing blog, where your favorite pets do exactly what you want them to do: they literally undertake your daily routine, thus making lives of their owners a bit brighter. After all, what could be cuter than an iguana on a kick-scooter? I reckon, only a tiger that hates being confined within his lonely cage.

And yes, if you find your pug imitating your gait or your cat cursing as it falls from the second floor, don’t hesitate to submit pictures and stories. Let’s make this world purrfect!


this one says: it’s me getting ready for the party



and this one is: it’s me trying to reach an equilibrium



finally: it’s me before the finals week (and hey, finals are not that far away!)


Isn’t it amazing to see that animals do exact same things that we come across every single day of our lives? And how amazing, I bet, it is for them to see that humans, after all, haven’t gone that far ahead. Or have we?


Getting tracked… and lovin’ it!

I’ve been thinking about sharing my experiences of using for a while, but now I finally have time, as well as desire to post something new on this almost-forgotten blog. Well, in a nutshell, DuckDuckGo is a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but, unlike Google and Yahoo, it does not track your activities, preferences or previous actions — which means that your girlfriend will never find out when was the last time you watched porn. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? It did for me too, although things are not as smooth as they seem at first glance.

The main problem I faced was language support, foreign language searches to be precise. Yes, DuckDuckGo works perfectly with English, so all of the .com domains are fine, but once you try to search something in Russian or, say, Thai… it slips and shyly suggests Google at the bottom of the page. I hope it’s a matter of time, for more and more foreign websites appear every day, but, having used DDG for a week, I had to switch back to Google.

Even though I was always suspicious (not to say odious) of Google and big corporations tracking my online activity to use it afterwards, I never though I am actually grateful for what they do. Not only they track your activity online, they make it handy to use FOR ME! Yes, I love that my favorite blogs and websites appear on the first place, and I like how Google suggests my next search or just does a quick spell-check for me! DuckDuckGo does it too, but the quick commands (whole list can be found on the official website) make it much harder.

I have to admit that DuckDuckGo team did a good job! I like the idea, I like the design, and I can even learn some commands I use regularly. But before I give it another try I want to wait for some time, so I wouldn’t have to spend most of my time online scrolling the page in order to find a website I like. And again, DuckDuckGo is strictly for English part of the Web.

So, that’s my experience. Let’s call it my week off,  a one week vacation or rather a short attempt to escape the all-seeing eye of Google. But now I’ve changed my mind. I love you Google like lover and his sweetheart love each other after a few years of being married: not so much, but, having started a lease together, they are too effing scared to break up.

Search DuckDuckGoDuckDuckGo main page



Few days ago me and my friend came up with idea of faces&words project.

Every day we meet thousands of people without thinking a second about their thoughts, emotions or things they want to share with world. It is sad. Therefore from now on I ask strangers on the street to write one word they want. It could be anything from proposal to the very personal secret.

We all are different, but we all desperately want somebody to talk to.


Tips for your blog or YouTube channel

Few days ago I was at Jerusalem Film Festival, participating in Made for Web conference. The best part for me was listening to Casey Neistat and talking to him afterwards. Although one of the most useful things I learned there was “9 tips for YouTube show (or blog)” presented by Matt Koval, famous blogger and, as it turned out, a really great guy.

So, the first tip you have to keep in mind if you want your blog to be successful is Conversation. Try asking yourself if there is a dialog between you and your readers. Try to get more personal with audience, share things that are important for you. Most of all, try to create the face of the channel or blog, so readers will know their idol.

Second tip is keeping the format of the show/blog. It looks weird to see lonely 1000+ word article in photo blog. At the same time, ask yourself if the idea of the blog is repeatable and you can keep it going for a long time.


Targeted audience is important as well. We all like different things, but, unfortunately, not everybody would appreciate a new iPad review in knitting blog. Try to analyze your audience and, even if it is not that great, make a stronger community of few.

After few months of blogging you start asking yourself these crazy question: Should I continue or do something else? Do I have enough time?.. and so on. If you’ve started a blog, try to put all resources you have in continuing. Passion is important as well.

Thats it for now. In the Part 2 I will give you the rest of the list. Keep in touch and feel free to comment on anything!


Smile, smile, smile!

You are not always happy and it is natural: nobody can smile and think positive throughuot the day. Whenever you are sad, everything seems to distarct and annoy you, but at the same time saving the face makes it even worse. For me, there are only a few ways to escape the bad mood and motivate myself to continue the day. And one of them is this short movie. Only 16 minutes can make me turn from super bad to super good, and, what is more, put a smile on my face.



My iPad App collection

I am a proud user of iPad, and even though I have the 1g device I still enjoy it and use every day. Of course, you’ve seen thousands of app collections and sets, but for me it was really hard to find applications I need and like. Sometimes it happens that one app has a great desing, but, at the same time, it is really slow and not handy. Sometimes it works great, but the desing is so terrible that you feel like writing the developers, so they can fix it. Finally, after few months I am ready to show you my picks:


1. Best design: WWF Together for iPad. Seriously, guys, I’ve never seen such a beautiful application. The idea is just great, WWF did a great job picking pictures and information. Amazingly how they made it fun to use the interface not only for adults but for kids as well. I would say, this is one of the most beautiful apps of all time!


2. Best dictionary: Merriam-Webster electronic dictionary. For sure, it is one of the most usefull applications for me now. English is my second language, so if I see a new word I try to look it up the same second. App also has some nice features: “Starred” words (so you can easily find word you were looking for), links to all words appeared on your screen (if you need definition just press on it once) and many more.

3. Best sketch app: Paper. Even though I am not an artist, I like to draw from time to time and share my works with friends online. I tried Ps for Ipad and some other applications, but for me nothing could be as useful as Paper app. It allows you to create notebooks with your own sketches and notes, so you don’t have to put school notes next to nude girl sketch. Unfortunately, every brush costs about 2 dollars.

4. Best Photo app: Fotopedia project. I wrote project because I like all fotopedia apps, but especially Reporter and Heritage. First one allows you to create your personal online gallery about your trip, favorite city, cafe and whatever you can think of. Second one, Fotopedia Heritage, gives you opportunity to enlarge your knowledge of native tribes all around the world from Russia to New Zealand. Amazing pictures and friendly design. Best pick for photographers and artists!

5. Best Music app: Soundcloud. Even though I have 2 iPods Touch I get tired of my music sometimes. My first iPod is for jazz and blues and the second one I use for indie and rock music. But most of the time I use Soundcloud on my cell phone and explore young bands and labels. The biggest problem is finding the right person to follow, but you will easily find charts on the Internet.

6. Best motivational app: TED. For more than a year I am the big fan of TED (they even have a WordPress blog here). So, for me TED app on iPad is just a revelation! If you never heard about the organisation before – it is the time to download it.

7.  Best Browser: tie between Safari and Yandex. I tried a few browsers before: Chrome (I use it on PC) and Puffin browser, but I never liked it. Standart browser is good as well, but Chromium-based Yandex Browser is good, really good. Even though it is Russian, they have English language there as well, so it won’t be a problem. It is lighter than others, so if you have an old device – it is the best choice.

8. Best reader: iBooks. Standart Apple reader. “Not a penny more, not a penny less”


Awesome NYC movie maker Casey Neistat

Buy the ticket and take ride

Once again, hello! Today I wanted to share with you some videos made by my favorite movie maker of all time… Casey Neistat. First video I watched was a commercial “Make it Count” for Nike, and as soon as I realized that he spent the whole movie budget on travelling the world and finding new adventures I understood that he is just awesome. Here is the video I was talking about:

Soon after I subscribed to his YouTube channel and Facebook page, and for the next few months I was watching his videos over and over again. Casey is not only funny, but also motivational and informative. It is funny… but from now on every time I travel somewhere else I try to have as many experiences as I can so someday later it will be a story to tell. Thank you for that, Casey!

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