world-weary, by Odysseus Yong

Though years of separation stand between,
You and I, dear, are not hopeless.
We are not a little broken, no, only a little,
resigned — and too far away.

Distance is factor, you reckon,
One that most certainly will
Render our passions impotent:
Scarlet sails furled in closet,
Curfew imposed on our selves.

We are, dear —
just slaves to schoolboys’ maps.
Silk Way’s withered with tracks of your tears.



lovers at large, by Odysseus Yong


how would you know
that planet earth, the home,
is beautiful not for its life
but for your living on it?

what came after the flood,
how life rolled before it,
is as unimportant as the sound of
our future lawnmower’s blade.

your eyelashes call tornadoes,
the tears overflow the penitence,
your tight embraces are gravity per se
what say you to our flying together —

over the roofs; and flat hats, we
with eyes bleak as moon’s shades,
will utter remarks claiming to be
what we are utterly not.



The Adventures Continue: Lao PDR

After staying in the city of Bangkok for about a month I, once again, had to hit the road. Luckily for me, just for a few days. I truly believe, that modern world has lots and lots of positive sides, but one really big drawback is impenetrable bureaucracy. Traveling nowadays is not like traveling 20 years ago (I can only imagine it though), so, I can assure you that you will spend a good deal of time in the embassies, consulates, etc. You know how it feels, right? Waking up at 6 am, getting your 3-digit queue number, spending the rest of the day just on snacks and Red Bull. This is the real spirit of traveling, not fancy “no limits” pictures. Like yeah, there are no limits once you have had all your paperwork done.

downloadThey say “Buy the ticket, take the ride”, you add “And check whether  you need visa or not”. Oh well, it’s a wild world. Anyway, I am not going to criticize the current situation for it works perfectly for me. I’ve just got my Thai student visa and so I have nothing to worry about for the next few months. The application process, although, is pretty rough: first, you’re most likely to be annoyed  by locals offering you help within first 5 minutes. And, believe me, they don’t care that you can fill the application yourself, they just want your bloody touristy money.

Here, in Laos, people are not that rich, or should I say “not rich at all”? Surprisingly for me, I haven’t seen any beggars on the streets yet, only kids approach you and ask for change from time to time. But the capital (Vientiane) itself looks pretty poor: old roads, rusty tuk-tuks (3-wheel taxis), small tents with food and drinks. Street food (comparing to Thailand) is not cheap at all, so I had to double my daily budget. One great thing about Laos are cheap bicycle rentals where you can get a city bike for just 1$ a day. Hard to believe, huh? Of course, bikes are old and rusty, but c’mon, it is just once buck!

I hate judging and rating something and I won’t. But my advice to all future Vientiane travelers is to stay no more than 2-3 days here for you will be just bored. Now, I find myself eating ice cream all day long (shipped from Thailand), drinking ice green tea with lemon and honey (from Thailand as well) and watching movies, And yes, finally I’ve found a time to pick a WordPress theme I like. I am leaving for Bangkok on Friday and by then I will treat you with a cute Bangkok adoration post.

LGBT backpack

Patouxai Monument

Patouxai Monument



faces&words: wish

That’s what I tell people: “I am not pretty, just photogenic”

For more photos from profect visit: http://facesandwords.tumblr.com/


faces&words: wish


Here are some photos I took today. It was hot during the past few days, so lots of plants outside were dying from the drought.






Local drought


Look around

Unfortunately, most of the people don’t try to look around when they look for something. Sad but true. Tourists pay money to experience new emotions, but they spend their time making pictures. Rich people donate money to charity, but they don’t see poor people right next door.

I can bet 10$ that everything you’re looking for is just one step away from where you’re standing. Of course, not literally. But if you think, you’ll realize that there is no need to start a Great Search before you carefully looked at the most common places.

You can argue, that we are dreamers and even use F. Rabelais’s verse: “Don’t know who’s walking under the window, but see the stars in the sky”. Well, still…if you want a fast result, try to shut Dreamer-inside-you up for a second.

There is a reason why I write this. Just today I saw a couple goy kicked off the train because they didn’t have tickets. It happens, nothing serious. Next 5 minutes I was watching then counting money to buy a ticket. Before doing so this young lady decided to “clean” the screen of the ticket machine where I had put a new ticket just few minutes ago. Believe me or not, they bought 2 tickets and took the next train to the Center. My ticket was still on the screen. “free ride to the stranger”, I wrote on it with black pen. My random act of kindness remained unnoticed.


JR and Liu Bolin join forces to make the TED dream team

One of my favorite street artists is on TED again. Living in Israel, in Jerusalem, I can enjoy somelocals works of InsideOut project while walking around every day.

TED Blog

29075_h500w820gtThe image above is classic Liu Bolin — the artist painted exactingly to blend in with the scene behind him. [ted_talkteaser id=1721] (Watch his talk from TED2013, “The invisible man.”) But if you look closely, you will see that the man in the picture is not actually Bolin—the tell-tale Ray-Bans reveal that this is JR, the artist known for pasting large portraits into cityscapes. (Watch as JR poses his TED Prize-winning wish, “Use art to turn the world inside out.”) To add more layers of meta to this work, the finger and eye in the story-high poster belong to Bolin. And the arched door over which the poster is pasted? That’s the entrance to JR’s New York studio. The photo was snapped by Bolin, himself.

This image, called “JR Through the Eye of Liu Bolin,” is a true meeting of two TEDster minds. While…

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