lovers at large, by Odysseus Yong


how would you know
that planet earth, the home,
is beautiful not for its life
but for your living on it?

what came after the flood,
how life rolled before it,
is as unimportant as the sound of
our future lawnmower’s blade.

your eyelashes call tornadoes,
the tears overflow the penitence,
your tight embraces are gravity per se
what say you to our flying together —

over the roofs; and flat hats, we
with eyes bleak as moon’s shades,
will utter remarks claiming to be
what we are utterly not.



Smile, smile, smile!

You are not always happy and it is natural: nobody can smile and think positive throughuot the day. Whenever you are sad, everything seems to distarct and annoy you, but at the same time saving the face makes it even worse. For me, there are only a few ways to escape the bad mood and motivate myself to continue the day. And one of them is this short movie. Only 16 minutes can make me turn from super bad to super good, and, what is more, put a smile on my face.