lovers at large, by Odysseus Yong


how would you know
that planet earth, the home,
is beautiful not for its life
but for your living on it?

what came after the flood,
how life rolled before it,
is as unimportant as the sound of
our future lawnmower’s blade.

your eyelashes call tornadoes,
the tears overflow the penitence,
your tight embraces are gravity per se
what say you to our flying together —

over the roofs; and flat hats, we
with eyes bleak as moon’s shades,
will utter remarks claiming to be
what we are utterly not.



Tips for your blog or YouTube channel

Few days ago I was at Jerusalem Film Festival, participating in Made for Web conference. The best part for me was listening to Casey Neistat and talking to him afterwards. Although one of the most useful things I learned there was “9 tips for YouTube show (or blog)” presented by Matt Koval, famous blogger and, as it turned out, a really great guy.

So, the first tip you have to keep in mind if you want your blog to be successful is Conversation. Try asking yourself if there is a dialog between you and your readers. Try to get more personal with audience, share things that are important for you. Most of all, try to create the face of the channel or blog, so readers will know their idol.

Second tip is keeping the format of the show/blog. It looks weird to see lonely 1000+ word article in photo blog. At the same time, ask yourself if the idea of the blog is repeatable and you can keep it going for a long time.


Targeted audience is important as well. We all like different things, but, unfortunately, not everybody would appreciate a new iPad review in knitting blog. Try to analyze your audience and, even if it is not that great, make a stronger community of few.

After few months of blogging you start asking yourself these crazy question: Should I continue or do something else? Do I have enough time?.. and so on. If you’ve started a blog, try to put all resources you have in continuing. Passion is important as well.

Thats it for now. In the Part 2 I will give you the rest of the list. Keep in touch and feel free to comment on anything!