Coffee and Book

“Deprive a man of his life-lie and you rob him of his happiness”. (‘Wild Duck’ by Henrik Ibsen, 1828 — 1906)

Another cup of coffee in Bangkok. The truth is, I hate the pictures I take on a daily basis, and therefore I do not consider them worthy in any way. They were to become a documentation only… a lousy one too.

So yeah, I was born to become the worst photographer.

coffee diary

Coffee diary. Day 2


The very beginning of the coffee diary

Despite having faces&words, which has been a burden since my attitude towards people changed, I decided to share my coffee diary pictures for a while. Not that I have a particular reason or goal, but that’s what I love the most at the moment: coffee, books and stumbling through WordPress blogs. Combine all — that’s how I got my coffee diary idea.

9th of March
McDonald’s latte, and Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr.

coffee diary

The very beginning of the coffee diary


How your day gets ruined

Okay, so before I start I have to confess: I wasn’t going to write this post. I wasn’t going to share a story of my shitty day with WordPress community, either. But then accidentally I realized that somebody else might have experienced something similar, so I decided to give it a try. It’s a story of coffee and the greatest expectations colliding with sad reality. Or maybe it’s just a regular complaint about my life. 

Today was a regular Sunday in Bangkok. I woke up late, watched a short film, fixed a light breakfast. Sounds perfect so far, doesn’t it? Then, at about 3 pm, I took my bike downstairs and hit the road, planning to spend the rest of the day in my new all-time-favorite coffee shop Bike Cafe. It didn’t take me long to notice the sign: “Sunday: 8:30 – 4:30” on the door. Four-fcking-thirty! On Sunday! Weekend! Well, without showing anger churning inside my stomach, I unlocked my bike and took a long ride to Li-bra-ry cafe, making my way through the Sunday traffic.

Li-bra-ry cafe is a seemingly nice place in Bangkok, Japanese-style coffee shop, packed with book shelves and local hipsters. And that’s where my day was totally ruined. To start with, I love coffee with hot milk separately. It’s just nice to add milk yourself, without asking waiter or barista. Well, not today. Not in Li-bra-ry cafe, where you have to pay extra for heating up the milk. Isn’t that ridiculous? Never mind, I got over it, found small table and was about to finish Karamazov Brothers by F.M. Dostoyevsky but…something was bothering me.

– Can I ask you for a glass of water, please, I asked.

– Only bottled water, was the reply.

That was a last drop for me. I almost rushed out, making my way through oblivious crowd . I’d opened the door a second before the idea about writing a ruining-my-day post occurred to me. And so I did. Even though my day was ruined and supposedly enjoyable time in the coffee shop was spoiled, I feel some kind of relief after writing and sharing this post with the whole world of coffee lovers and (maybe) coffee shop victims like me.