Getting tracked… and lovin’ it!

I’ve been thinking about sharing my experiences of using for a while, but now I finally have time, as well as desire to post something new on this almost-forgotten blog. Well, in a nutshell, DuckDuckGo is a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but, unlike Google and Yahoo, it does not track your activities, preferences or previous actions — which means that your girlfriend will never find out when was the last time you watched porn. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? It did for me too, although things are not as smooth as they seem at first glance.

The main problem I faced was language support, foreign language searches to be precise. Yes, DuckDuckGo works perfectly with English, so all of the .com domains are fine, but once you try to search something in Russian or, say, Thai… it slips and shyly suggests Google at the bottom of the page. I hope it’s a matter of time, for more and more foreign websites appear every day, but, having used DDG for a week, I had to switch back to Google.

Even though I was always suspicious (not to say odious) of Google and big corporations tracking my online activity to use it afterwards, I never though I am actually grateful for what they do. Not only they track your activity online, they make it handy to use FOR ME! Yes, I love that my favorite blogs and websites appear on the first place, and I like how Google suggests my next search or just does a quick spell-check for me! DuckDuckGo does it too, but the quick commands (whole list can be found on the official website) make it much harder.

I have to admit that DuckDuckGo team did a good job! I like the idea, I like the design, and I can even learn some commands I use regularly. But before I give it another try I want to wait for some time, so I wouldn’t have to spend most of my time online scrolling the page in order to find a website I like. And again, DuckDuckGo is strictly for English part of the Web.

So, that’s my experience. Let’s call it my week off,  a one week vacation or rather a short attempt to escape the all-seeing eye of Google. But now I’ve changed my mind. I love you Google like lover and his sweetheart love each other after a few years of being married: not so much, but, having started a lease together, they are too effing scared to break up.

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