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it’s me doing

If you can’t resist the temptation to pat a dog on the street or cuddle a cat every time you see one, you just can’t miss the itsmedoing blog, where your favorite pets do exactly what you want them to do: they literally undertake your daily routine, thus making lives of their owners a bit brighter. After all, what could be cuter than an iguana on a kick-scooter? I reckon, only a tiger that hates being confined within his lonely cage.

And yes, if you find your pug imitating your gait or your cat cursing as it falls from the second floor, don’t hesitate to submit pictures and stories. Let’s make this world purrfect!


this one says: it’s me getting ready for the party



and this one is: it’s me trying to reach an equilibrium



finally: it’s me before the finals week (and hey, finals are not that far away!)


Isn’t it amazing to see that animals do exact same things that we come across every single day of our lives? And how amazing, I bet, it is for them to see that humans, after all, haven’t gone that far ahead. Or have we?