What happens to your facebook after you die?

Every time I go to the bathroom I meet people tweeting, updating their facebooks and even chatting with their loved ones while doing their business. Even though few years ago I would have been (at least) confused if I had seen anything like that, nowadays it’s typical. Sometime in the future, I guess, you’d be considered lunatic if you don’t Instagram your Starbucks coffee every morning.

But have you ever wondered what’s going to happen to your facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. when you die? I mean, they claim that there are about 30 million dead people on facebook and someday you might as well join the army. Of course, after your friends would find out, your wall would be filled with cute and tear-squeezing posts, memorable pictures and Bible quotes. But soon, after singling you out, life will go on… and your facebook page with 1000+ party pictures and some dirty posts would still be there. Maybe even forever?


But no panic, few years ago facebook instituted a policy regarding how to deal with deceased individuals. After your family proves your death – a requirement to make any changes in your profile – your facebook account could be deleted or converted into memorable account. Basically, you’d be a dead friend, always on the bottom of somebody’s friend list. As for me, it sounds funny, especially if your younger brother (or sister) decides to go “online” from your account. Online zombie? Hm, why not!

Luckily, after you die only your facebook friends would be able to access your account; you (or, realistically, your online grave) would be excluded from the global search and prevented from trolls and ex-girlfriends.

Believe me or not, there are some ways to prepare your online life for death! Of course, you can write down an old-fashioned letter with log-ins and passwords, but it’s way too sentimental. Instead, try Legacy Letters, a service providing online messages delivered to designated recipients after your death. It will cost you 25$ annually or one-time fee of 300$. You can store all your private data on Legacy Letters server and leave all wishes regarding your online after-life. There are other companies that will store your personal information and release it after you die only.


Thinking about death is hard, but thinking about your online death is even harder. You never know when you time comes. So, maybe you should take some time to rethink your last-minute speech, include some passwords and log-ins, accept last friendship requests and – as an option – post a last selfie on your Instagram.